Ordinary People Inspired to Become Extraordinary Leaders:The Kite Network

Sometimes we are awed by the power of ordinary people who have experienced something so powerful, so profound, that we think that they might never recover, to step up and use that personal experience to bring light and love into the world.  Such is the story of Doug and Julie Stotlar and Jeff and Lisa Pitts, ordinary people who each experienced perhaps the most tragic loss anyone can imagine-that of a young child,  and who went on use what they had learned to help others.

Together, they founded The Kite Network, a peer support network providing free services to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Not a  counseling or therapy center, the Kite Network simply provides caring, support and a listening ear from  peer counselors who understand at a very deep level because they too have  had a similar grief journey.

Join me tonight as I  interview two of the co-founders, Julie Stotlar and Lisa Pitts, about. their individual journey’s. Listen in as they share how they each took a tragic loss, which could easily have crushed the spirit of many, and turned it into their inspiration to step up and become extraordinary leaders, and  to provide support  and comfort to others through this unique organization.

Do you know someone who has turned tragedy into triumph? Has take something difficult as an inspiration to be more? Is that someone you?

Share your thoughts and experiences with us today.  We value your ideas!

World Happiness Report

Denmark has taken the top spot on the United Nation’s first ever World Happiness Report, followed by Finland, Norway and the Netherlands.  Unfortunately, not unlike last year the U.S. is not yet in the top ten.

The 158-page report, published by Columbia University’s Earth Institute, was commissioned for the United Nations Conference on Happiness on Monday in order to “review the state of happiness in the world today and show how the new science of happiness explains personal and national variations in happiness.”

What is your happiness factor?  That of your organization or team?

It’s good to take a reading now and then, and if it’s not where you would like it to be, explore ways of “moving the needle” in a more positive dierection.

Hospitals ramp up physician training for leadership roles – amednews.com

Interest grows as health systems employ more doctors and prepare them for increased responsibilities as part of health system reform.

By Victoria Stagg Elliott, amednews staff. Posted Feb. 23, 2012.

Hospitals are no longer waiting for physicians to get themselves trained for leadership positions.

Some are providing in-house leadership education, hoping that increasing numbers of aligned physicians will do more than clock in, provide good patient care and then clock out. Hospitals seek independent physicians connected with the institution for training as well as those they employ.

“It’s clear that we need physicians to do more than just run the medical staff,” said James Rice, PhD, project director for the consulting firm Management Sciences for Health, who has written several reports on physician leadership issues. “But for physicians to go into leadership and management roles, serve on committees for the medical staff, take on part-time medical directorships, run accountable care organizations, be on process improvement teams, a new set of competencies%

via Hospitals ramp up physician training for leadership roles – amednews.com.