Why It’s Healthy To Be Social

In one of the recent studies on the health benefits of social relationships, published earlier this year, researchers provided evidence that social ties and increased contact with family and friends are associated with a lower risk of death in young women with breast cancer. Another presented a similar conclusion with respect to surviving heart surgery. What’s more, a 2010 meta-analysis of 148 other studies showed that social connection doesn’t just help us survive health problems: the lack of it causes them.


How are your social relationships going?  Are you giving them the attention and nurturing that they need?  Or, is this what you tend to let go when you “get busy”?

Coaching tip:

  • Take a serious look at  the health and your satisfaction with your current social relationships.  Are you getting and giving what you need from your friends, family, and significant others?
  • Rate this current state on a scale of “1 – 10” with “1” being “almost non-existent” and “10” being “couldn’t possibly be any better.”  Where are you today? 
  • If, for example, you say you are currently at a “4”,  think what can you do within the next two days to move the level to a “4.5” or a even  a “5”?  Then let us know, (if you are brave enough),what you are willing to do and how it worked ou

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