When Americans Use Their Strengths More, They Stress Less

For certain emotions — particularly happiness and anger — only a few hours of strengths usage are needed to maximize one’s chance of having a good day. By contrast, stress and worry decrease, and respect increases with each additional hour of reported strengths usage. For each of these emotional experiences, every additional hour of strengths usage adds as much benefit as the first hour. One reason why these emotions – stress, worry, and respect — differ from some of the others may be that laughter and anger tend to be fleeting, momentary experiences. By comparison, respect is an attitude that forms over time.

Here’s an article from the Gallup organization about their extensive research on using strengths, and the powerful effect  this can have on how you experience your day.

When Americans Use Their Strengths More, They Stress Less.

Coaching Questions:

Are you using your strengths every day?  If not, why not?

Do you know what your strengths really are?  If not, how can you assess them?

How can you make a  change, no matter how small, that will get more of your strengths into use this week?

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