When an Organization is at its Most Vulnerable Point, it is the Most Poised to Rebuild Itself

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When an organization is at its most vulnerable point, it is also most poised to rebuild itself. At these seemingly disastrous moments, the risks and rewards normally associated with innovation are reversed.

Here’s an article from the amazing Jeff Degraff, the “Dean of Innovation” at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. In it Jeff makes a powerful point, “Why Courage is More Important than Creativity” and gives a real and highly effective case study example.

via Why Courage Is More Important Than Creativity | Jeff DeGraff | LinkedIn.

Women Directors Change How Boards Work – HBR

Business People Walking by WindowWe know that getting more women on teams can boost performance. The examples are numerous: Citing private internal research of 20,000 client teams, EY’s vice chair Beth Brooke has said that the more diverse teams had higher profitability and great client satisfaction than non-diverse teams. And professors Anita Woolley and Thomas W. Malone have learned that increasing the number of women on a team also increases its collective intelligence.

Yet when it comes to one of the most important “teams” a company has — its board of directors — the United States seems to have hit a ceiling of about 16% women, with little by way of national efforts by government or business to increase that number.

via Women Directors Change How Boards Work – HBR.

Pronouns Matter when Psyching Yourself Up – HBR

Some people seem to have an amazing ability to stay rational no matter what.


They efficiently make good, clear decisions while the rest of us waste energy doing things like panicking about upcoming tasks, ruminating pointlessly, or refusing to move on from our failures.

If you are not always one of those people, read about this interesting research by Ethan Kross from the University of Michigan and Ozlem Ayduk from UC-Berkeley about a simple change can make the difference between showing up like a cool-headed rationalist or a very worried and stressed out (but typical) human.

Pronouns Matter when Psyching Yourself Up – HBR.

In addition, here’s a link to a podcast of my past radio interview with Dr. Kross, “Can You Teach Yourself to Be Wiser.”

Fostering women leaders: A fitness test for your top team

Confident BusinesswomanThe challenges are well known: women in business continue to face a formidable gender gap for senior-leadership positions.

Moreover, there are fewer and fewer women at each step along the path to the C-suite, although they represent a majority of entry-level employees at Fortune 500 companies and outnumber men in college-graduation….

via Fostering women leaders: A fitness test for your top team | McKinsey & Company.

The Secret to Beat the Big “Decision Trap”- Josh Linkner

In my house, we love food, and everybody cooks. We often try new recipes, which sometimes are fabulous, and sometimes not. The rule is, “Always appreciate the effort” and “Never complain to the cook.” When we make something that is “a keeper” there’s lots of applause, and when it’s not, we simply say, “Oh well, it was an experiment; we probably won’t make this one again.”

Here’s another great post about experiments from Josh Linkner, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and ardent venture capitalist here in the Detroit area:


Increase the Odds of Achieving Your Goals by Setting Them with Your Spouse – HBR

This is an interesting post!

Consider, if you aren’t doing this already, making your spouse a more clearly defined member of your “team” as you seek to attain professional and private goals. This article suggests some great ways of formalizing the process, so that it doesn’t get lost in shuffle of the day-to-day “busyness”, and, so that the value of your support to each other is maximized.

How do you do this? What can you add? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Couple Smiling at One AnotherIncrease the Odds of Achieving Your Goals by Setting Them with Your Spouse – HBR.

How Can I Make Sure My Resume Gets Past Resume Robots and into a Human’s Hand?

j0443136When people tell me that they’ve been looking for a new job for many months, but have gotten nowhere, I explore with them what exactly they have been doing.

Often, what it turns out that their job hunt has consisted mainly of scrolling through job postings online,(usually around 10 or 11 o’clock at night),and every now and then clicking “submit.” When I tell them that this is usually the least effective way to find a job, especially, the ideal job for them, they are often surprised.

This cool info-graphic illustrates a major reason why:

How Can I Make Sure My Resume Gets Past Resume Robots and into a Human's Hand?.