Your Real Competitive Advantage | LinkedIn

Cupped Hands Holding Maple Leaf in AutumnGratitude is powerful.

It can make the difference in the quality of your day, the quality of your team, and the entire culture in a workplace. Here’s a short article with some wonderful ideas about how to incorporate more gratitude into your life and that of those around you. Let me know if you have other ideas to add.

Your Real Competitive Advantage | LinkedIn.

I tried to be normal once…

Here’s a great article incorporating lots of new bits of knowledge we’ve learned about neuroscience. (Be sure to scroll down to see the action steps she provides.)

Also, I would add, make sure there is some fun, and some play in your day.
See the picture of me posing for the obligatory ceremonial photograph wearing the official “Snow Meeting Hat” after presenting at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Conference. 🙂

Lisa Pasbjerg at MCOG

I tried to be normal once… « Mowbray by Design – Personal and Corporate Leadership Branding.