Play Up: Thoughts from Josh Linkner[1]

Imagine you step onto a tennis court, facing a partner that’s at least 50% better than you.

As you volley back-and-forth, you notice the precision of your shots, the power of your serve, and the intensity of your game. Your stronger opponent has raised your level of play, helping you push to new heights of performance.

The Secret to Beat the Big “Decision Trap”- Josh Linkner

In my house, we love food, and everybody cooks. We often try new recipes, which sometimes are fabulous, and sometimes not. The rule is, “Always appreciate the effort” and “Never complain to the cook.” When we make something that is “a keeper” there’s lots of applause, and when it’s not, we simply say, “Oh well, it was an experiment; we probably won’t make this one again.”

Here’s another great post about experiments from Josh Linkner, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and ardent venture capitalist here in the Detroit area:


Josh Linkners Blog: The Past Is Dead

How much are you holding on to the past? Or, even, letting the past control you or hold you back in doing and being your highest self? Check out this recent post from Josh Linkner, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and accomplished jazz musician:


Josh Linkners Blog: The Past Is Dead.