Why Doctors Should Be More Empathetic–But Not Too Much More: Scientific American

The job of any physician is  part empathic and part problem solving. This constitutes an inherent trade-off in medicine because the human brain does not have infinite computational resources or time to perform both tasks equally well. One must be caring while also figuring out a proper diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, often under conditions of uncertainty.

Physicians-What do you think of this article from Scientific American?

Why Doctors Should Be More Empathetic–But Not Too Much More: Scientific American.

Snow Meeting for ACOG

Lisa Pasbjerg at MCOG

Here I am posing, (as required), in the official “presenter’s hat” at the Crystal Mountain Resort in Thompsonville, Michigan.

What do you think of the hat?

I had just completed my presentation on”Preventing and Reversing Burnout: The Keys to Renewal, Energy and Engagement in an Era of Extreme Challenges and Change.” for large group of physicians at their annual clinical “Snow Meeting” for ACOG (The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists)

Physician stress and burnout have become an increasing concern for physicians and health care providers across the country. A number of studies from the Mayo clinic show the negative effects, not just on physician well-being, but also on physician error rates and the overall quality of patient care. A survey of over 2000 physicians across the U.S. just published in November by Physician Wellness Services, revealed that 87 percent of physicians reported that they were “moderately” to “severely” stressed every day.

My goal in facilitating  this workshop was to provide in a highly interactive and energizing  way simple tools and actionable strategies for use by each participant. And, that these tools  and strategies would then allow them to develop a personal action plan for self-renewal and building resilience in order  to prevent and reverse the signs and symptoms of burnout.

I hope that I was successful and look forward to the feedback (to be coming soon.)

What is your favorite stress management strategy?